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This week, my latest collective design project FUTURALBUM comes to a close (at least for now). I launched this album art design project in January of this year, with about 70-or-so contributors lined up, and ended with over 150 incredible album covers published from 100+ international designers!

As always, it is a ton of fun organizing a digital design project like this, and especially cool to watch the great variety of talent exercised in totally unique and creative ways. The response from both contributors and followers has been overwhelmingly positive, and I owe so much to each of the designers who volunteered their time and gifts to make it a reality.

Rather than rambling about my own observations, I asked a handful of FUTURALBUM contributors to share a few of their personal favorite designs from the project and what exactly stood out about each. Read more

A Decade Without Balls

No Balls Courage

So today is my 37th birthday.

Obviously thirty-seven is not one of those generally celebrated, monumental birthdays. I mean, it’s not launching into a new decade. There is no surprise party or black balloons. I’m not getting my drivers license or the right to buy smokes or drink beer or anything else (am I?).

No, birthday number 37 (like 8, 14, and 22) is one that just happens. Nothing really special other than the fact you’ve survived another year.

Which, actually, for someone like me is pretty sweet.

Because once you’ve been dead or nearly dead, surviving another year is something to celebrate.

And even though 37 is not really special, for me it’s actually something… well… interesting, at least.

Because on this day exactly 10 years ago, I had the last of my testicles removed.
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Kim Gordon on Making Art

Kim Gordon Quote Making Art

From Kim Gordon’s memoir, Girl in a Band:

Maybe that’s why for me the page, the gallery, and the stage became the only places my emotions could be expressed and acted out comfortably. These were the venues where I could exhibit sexuality, anger, a lack of concern for what people thought. The image a lot of people have of me as detached, impassive, or remote is a persona that comes from years of being teased for every feeling I ever expressed. When I was young, there was never any space for me to get attention of my own that wasn’t negative. Art, and the practice of making art, was the only space that was mine alone, where I could be anyone and do anything, where just by using my head and my hands I could cry, or laugh, or get pissed off.

Jesus Sweats Drops of Blood · Old & New Project

Jesus Sweats Drops of Blood

We recently published another round of Bible art & illustration for Old & New Project. This time Jim & I invited some of our favorite past contributors to create new artwork for Holy Week.

I was personally able to contribute a piece this round. This image for “Sweat Drops of Blood,” from the story of Jesus prayer of anguish in the Garden of Gethsemane (Matthew 26:36-46; Mark 14:32-42; Luke 22:39-45; John 17). It is a familiar story found in all four Gospels (Matthew 26:36-46; Mark 14:32-42; Luke 22:39-45; John 17)

This is available for purchase, and as with all Old & New prints, proceeds go to an awesome charity. Buy one today for a friend and help out a good cause!

The Accidentals “Spirit Animals” Poster


I got to do this cool poster for hometown heroes The Accidentals. After a couple rounds of back-and-forth, a “spirit animal” idea came to be.

The band has included this poster among the “perks” for their Indiegogo campaign raising funds for their first west coast tour. Get one for yourself and be a part of something special!

AND be sure to check out this fantastic young band when they come to your town this year!

The Accidentals Poster Detail


BAFTA Best Film Posters by Malika Favre

Malika Favre BAFTA Program Cover Design

I think it’s pretty obvious why Malika Favre is one of my favorite illustrators. I was stoked to see she’d been commissioned by BAFTA to create art for each of the Best Film nominees for their program & poster designs this year. I always love the simplicity in her work, and the subtle hidden messages in these are especially cool.

Limited edition signed prints are available for purchase.
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New Painting: Woman with Dark Hair

Woman with Dark Hair

This painting is definitely one of my personal favorites, and maybe the one I’m most proud to have done so far.

Unfortunately my photography skills don’t do it much justice. This one you must see in real life to fully appreciate. It is large—nearly 5 feet in height, and those old barn boards are a solid two inches thick—making the entire piece really heavy and substantial.

This painting is still available, and I insist it only go to a great home because it is so close to my heart. These boards came from the family farm where DeShano’s have lived and worked for the past 150+ years, and are the last remnants of the old barn in which I used to play as a kid.

I feel so lucky to have spotted them when I did and give them new life, not only with the addition of this beautiful figure, but also simply finding ways to display the inherit beauty already there.

Interested? Contact me today.

Ani Difranco Poster

Ani DiFranco Poster

This Ani DiFranco poster is actually the very conception of what would eventually become FUTURALBUM. During my final weeks at my last job, I discovered Flickr Internet Archive Book Images, and since Ani’s show was our next upcoming event, threw together this quick design just for fun.

It was one of those instances where you see some sort of image you can’t help but make something cool with it, even if it only gets a few minutes and you know no one might ever see it. Sadly that was the case here, as this poster never saw light of day (hopefully you’ll still make it to the show).

Sometimes a piece of work without the inherited anxiety of trying to please someone else—even if thrown together quickly—can be the most effective. It is that magical thing where the purity of creating is imposed upon the creation itself.

It was such a simple design and reminded me of my early days as a designer… which got me wondering what else I could do with that Flickr archive… Naturally I went overboard and jumped into plans for FUTURALBUM the next week.

Today it is pretty cool to see all that’s transpired because I took 10 minutes just to do some fun design work.