Traverse City artist Troy DeShano

About Troy DeShano

Troy DeShano is an artist and designer based out of Traverse City, Michigan. After spending much of his twenties battling cancer, Troy found himself sharing stories of his personal trials through art and design via his blog Strong Odors.

As a result Troy launched his freelance design and illustration business Ten Point Studio in 2009, has exhibited fine art in galleries around Michigan as well as Chicago and Minneapolis, and has also gained international recognition for his collaborative design projects FUTURALBUM and Old & New Project.

Troy also serves on staff at Michigan Legacy Art Park, and has been a happy husband and proud parent for the past 17 years.


About Strong Odors

Sometimes it is sweet, sometimes startling, sometimes it just stinks…

But it isn’t really about “good” or “bad.” it is about experiencing life—from the aroma of an apple pie wafting over from grandma’s windowsill to the unbearable stench of an angry Tazmanian devil…

Strong odors make life life.

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There are plenty of illustrations around Strong Odors, including my favorites in the Portfolio.

Currently I’m looking for new editorial and publishing clients. I’d love to do illustrations for your book, magazine or advertising. Please contact me today!


Let me know if you need copy writing, editorial work on issues of faith and culture, or short story narrative. Currently I’ve been re-writing biblical stories for Old & New Project.


I am also available to speak at your design, art or faith-based event. My topics include creativity, faith, suffering and how the intersection of them all can be the most potent experiences of life. Please contact me for speaking references.

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Other Projects

Old & New Project is a collaborative biblical graphic art project created by me and Jim LePage. We’re gathering respected and gifted international designers, illustrators and artists to create fresh new visual interpretations of these ancient texts. It’s kind of like a Bible story book for adults with world-class illustrations throughout and absolutely no holds barred.
FUTURALBUM is the newest Strong Odors design collection. This project invites graphic designers from all around the world to reimagine cover art for their favorite album. The challenge to each is they must only use images from the Flickr Book Image Archive and Futura for any type. New designs are posted every weekday.