Autism Always Wins

So I started this post in the morning.

I’m sitting at my desk frustrated and discouraged and self-loathing after an especially difficult weekend and one of those literally-drag-the-kid-to-school mornings.

So I titled the piece “Losing to Autism.”

Because lately that’s what I’ve been feeling like.

Traverse City Walk for Autism

I’ve been involved with the Northwest Michigan Autism Resource Network for the past 4 years. The tricky part about an autism community/support group is that everyone is so busy with their own kids (babysitters are rarely an option) that meetings are difficult and volunteer involvement has to be spread thin across a lot of people. I wish I could be …

Short Film on Aspergers: Q&A

The groundbreaking public radio project StoryCorps will enter into the world of television for the first time with a series of animated shorts that will air on POV later this summer. Q&A is a three-minute film featuring the audio recording of Joshua Littman, a 12-year-old boy with Asperger’s syndrome, interviewing his mother, Sarah.

The Truth about Autism

A couple big news stories in the world of autism have parents frustrated once again.

First, the infamous Dr. Wakefield was stripped of his license by Britain’s medical council, and then later in the week Reuters published an article suggesting that early intervention may not really make a difference when treating children with autism.

Which is in direct contrast to the only one absolute we’ve ever had… that your best hope is to intervene early.

Six Benefits of LEGO Play for Children with Autism

When my kids were finally old enough for LEGOs, I was glad. Pretty much everything about LEGO is awesome. What was interesting (though not totally surprising) was how beneficial LEGO play seemed to be for my 6-year-old who has autism. Interestingly enough, some serious studies are now being done to develop LEGO-based therapy for children with autism. It makes a …

The Real Wolverine

Received an article today about Autism in the workplace. How certain behavioral skills characteristic of individuals with (high-functioning) autism may make them more adept at particular occupations than the rest of us, and how some new companies and non-profits are providing training to foster the strengths of these individuals by providing specialized training with their unique minds in mind. At …

Inclusive Education

Our son has Autism. This fall, he transitioned from an ECP (early childhood special ed) classroom to a typical Kindergarten class. We did so for a variety of reasons, one of which is the theory that Inclusive Education is beneficial for both the special-needs student and his classmates. PBS released a really great article about this today. We never really …

Zev on Amazing Race

Editorial Note: This original post was written in 2009, during Zev and Justin’s first appearance on The Amazing Race. I’m excited they’re back in 2011 and glad more people are discovering the same hope that I discuss in this article. Individuals on the Autism Spectrum have never had a voice in the media. Of course there’s Rain Man (everyone’s first …