No Balls Courage

A Decade Without Balls

Today is my 37th birthday and the 10-year anniversary of the day I lost the last of my testicles. Here I share a few thoughts on manhood, courage and genitals.

Five Years Cancer Free

Five Years Cancer Free (sort of)

At some point this spring I realized that five years had passed since I’d had any indication of cancer in my body. As much as I am grateful and hopeful and excited by that… the moment really just passed without any fanfare or even so much as a high-five.

Cancer Boy

When I was 21 I was diagnosed with cancer.

Testicular cancer actually, which was kind of en vogue in 2000. Celebrities like Lance Armstrong (hardly a celebrity before his cancer) and Tom Green (remember Tom Green?) were making national headlines enduring treatments and starting a very important conversation about the risk of testicular cancer among young men.

Turns out it really isn’t so glamorous.

No Fear

At the end of a scary day dominated by some scary news… it was nice to find some hope in a most unexpected place.

No Backup Plan

I discovered Rogue Wave a couple years ago… they just happened to play on my internet radio station. They immediately became one of my favorite bands. I had no idea at that time that their drummer Pat Spurgeon was enduring treatment for a life-threatening illness. Just like me.

Why hello there, Death

On one of many trips from northern Michigan to the Cleveland Clinic, I was thinking about my surgery scheduled for the next day. It was one of two lung surgeries to remove tumors from the cancer that had spread through my body. The first of these was a small mass, about the size of a dime. I had one of …