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BAFTA Best Film Posters by Malika Favre

Malika Favre BAFTA Program Cover Design

I think it’s pretty obvious why Malika Favre is one of my favorite illustrators. I was stoked to see she’d been commissioned by BAFTA to create art for each of the Best Film nominees for their program & poster designs this year. I always love the simplicity in her work, and the subtle hidden messages in these are especially cool.

Limited edition signed prints are available for purchase.
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John Hughes Posters Liquidation Sale

John Hughes 16 Candles Poster

Several years ago I was commissioned to create a series of posters for the Traverse City Film Festival in honor of John Hughes’ amazing body of work. Obviously I’m a huge fan of practically everything he ever created, so the project was incredibly fun, and was also a great opportunity for me as I was just finding my niche as an illustrator.

I have a handful of these left in my house and I want them gone!
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No Holds Barred!

No Holds Barred

While researching the phrase “no holds barred” for my constantly evolving bio on the About Page, I discovered this AMAZING movie poster.

I cannot decide what is the awesomest part of this whole thing. The color? the Type? the Subtitle?

It might be the guy in the neckbrace or the kid who’s turned around not paying any attention at all..

Oh man.. so many wonderful things captured in a single poster!

Don’t Play No Game that I Can’t Win

Continuing my pension for posting every single thing Spike Jonze ever touches…

In 1994 Spike Jonze Directed a Beastie Boys video for the song “Sabatoge,” which instantly became my favorite all-time music video and made me a lifetime fan of both Spike and the Beasties.

This short-film (or long-form music vid?) just released – with Spike making more awesome stuff with the Beastie Boys.

I know at least a couple dudes who are gonna flip out when they see this.

Look at what the Light Did Now

This documentary about the making of Feist’s The Reminder looks pretty cool. I’ve always wondered about the collaborations that went into that record.

Hope it comes to Netflix so I can see it.

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