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Flaming Lips

Flaming Lips

Today my old friend @blueskyfalconer suggested “underwater unicorn with flaming lips at night time” for my reader-suggestion #CollabFriday illustration.

Why do i keep getting suggestions like this? How many times do I have to tell you people that I am not actually on drugs?

Not even legal ones!

Whatever… I liked the Flaming Lips part so I put on some Yoshimi and here you go.

Love collaborating on Fridays! Check out other collabs from past weeks.

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

lucy in the sky with diamonds

Today my #CollabFriday partner is @citrushearts (aka Bree Walk) who sent me this polaroid of her nephew who she said loves The Beatles and especially Yellow Submarine…

As soon as I saw this photo the opening riff to Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds was playing in my head…

[NOTE: For some reason the animation isn’t working unless you click the image. Click it to see dancing ladies.]

Announcing: Old & New Project

Old & New Project

For CollabFriday today I’m announcing my most recent BIG collaboration: Old & New Project

This past year I’ve been able to meet several Twitter connections face-to-face for the first time. It’s a pretty cool experience picking up with friends as if you’ve been that way for years.

I was especially lucky to meet up with Jim LePage at last summer’s WMCFest. We’d already featured one-another’s work on our respective sites, and with the overwhelming amount of shared passions it was really only a matter of time before we joined forces on something big.

What was really cool was how we’d both already dreamed up a similar idea independently from one another—to do a collaborative biblical-themed design project with skilled graphic artists from around the world. Read more

Ape Swanson Pyramid of Greatness

Ape Swanson Pyramid of Greatness

Today’s CollabFriday “What should I draw” is a combination of ideas from Adam & Chelsea. Who suggested Ron Swanson and a gorilla, respectively.

Made perfect sense as far as I’m concerned.

Ape Swanson Pyramid of Greatness Desktop/Phone/iPad Wallpaper

iPad, iPhone, 1280×1024, 1680×1050, 1920×1080, 1920×1200, 2560×1440

About CollabFriday

Each week I like to randomly collaborate with whoever is willing. Fridays will rotate reader suggestions (i.e. “What should I draw today”), spontaneous collabs via Twitter w/fellow artists/photogs/illustrators (“who wants to collaborate today), and artist interviews. Follow on Twitter and Facebook so you can participate next Friday!

Space Trilogy

This week’s CollabFriday project was one heck of a challenge!

I received a handful of random photos from Cleveland photographer Caroline Moore, and T.J Walsh (who you may remember from his Odorifous interview) sent me a shot of one of his paintings.

After a bunch of random experimenting, I ended up with what reminded me of sci-fi covers from the C.S. Lewis “space trilogy” that I read 20-or-so years ago.

Does anyone know who the illustrator was from this edition of the series?

Bunny Eating Contest

Illustration by Troy DeShano

It’s Collab Friday!!

This week’s illustration is a reader suggestion… and for some reason this week everyone was suggesting super-weird and specific things (like I’m that weird??)

Everything from three-headed-kitten-mermaids to stilted tortoises…

When two different people happened to mention pie I knew we were on to something though…

@sacredlotus suggested bunnies eating pie and Matt suggested Cake vs. Pie…

So I decided to draw Cake vs. Pie in a bunny-eating contest.

Still kind of weird for me, but that’s the fun of collaborating, right?

What should I draw next time?

Bunny Eating Contest Wallpaper

Get this delicious illustration on your desktop dudes:

2560×1440, 1920×1200, 1680×1050, 1280×1024, 1020×1080

Wonder Woman Reads

Earlier this week I threw a “who wants to collaborate today” on Twitter and the first to respond was Lori Andrews (aka @designertweets) so I told her to send me a photo and I’d do something fun with it.

Having watched Lori’s work for a while I totally expected one of her Albertan landscape polaroids, but she totally threw me for a loop with this shot of Wonder Woman on her day off..

I immediately thought of those 1980s READ posters that you’d see at the library.

More Collaboration

This is the first of a brand new project category for Strong Odors – every Friday will feature a collaborative project. It will either be an Odorifous interview, a spontaneous collaboration like this, or a reader suggested illustration.

So for next Friday I need your help!

Leave a comment below  or on my Facebook page what I should draw and I’ll pick my favorite to publish next Friday (January 20).

Who knows, your idea may even end up as a limited edition print!

Want to Collaborate?

Are you an illustrator, photographer, artist, designer, etc? Let’s do something fun together! Email me with an idea or a random image.


Lots of Crows illustration by Troy DeShano

My favorite suggestion to yesterday’s query “what should I draw today?” was Kelly’s “lots of crows.”

I got quite a few ideas from folks on Facebook and Twitter… including several who suggested a “May 21 Rapture” theme.. and some concepts that were so specific I couldn’t help but think “why don’t you just make that yourself?”

I loved the design so much that I’ve decided to make it available in the shop. Only 11 will be printed—the first of which will go to Kelly for making such a great suggestion.

You can get this in the shop now for a few bucks (and it’s a 5×7 so finding a cheap frame will be easy for you.)