No Balls Courage

A Decade Without Balls

Today is my 37th birthday and the 10-year anniversary of the day I lost the last of my testicles. Here I share a few thoughts on manhood, courage and genitals.

My Heart

Passionate About Nothing?

Upon some recent introspection, I discovered there may actually be just one thing I’m really passionate about.

Illustration by Troy DeShano

Man or Muppet

When I spend most my day doing self-promotion on social media and creating fabulous-but-unpaid projects and trolling craigslist for work it really takes a toll on my view of self.

Fall Soup and Adventurous Living

I can actually list quite a few foods that I considered pretty gross until I started eating them regularly that I now consider my favorites – coffee, grapefruit, stinky cheese, spinach, beer, sweet potatoes, asparagus, and more…