Traverse City Art Show Poster

Traverse City Art Show

I’m happy and proud to announce a new solo art show opening next week at the Ledbetter Gallery in Traverse City.

Seed Studio Gallery - Song in Art

New Exhibit: Song In Art

Super excited to be a part of a new exhibit at Seed Studio Gallery in Traverse City this summer. The new show is called Song in Art and is chock-full of artwork in various mediums all inspired by or created around the theme of music. Obviously this is right up my alley and I have about a dozen pieces included …

Traverse City Walk for Autism

I’ve been involved with the Northwest Michigan Autism Resource Network for the past 4 years. The tricky part about an autism community/support group is that everyone is so busy with their own kids (babysitters are rarely an option) that meetings are difficult and volunteer involvement has to be spread thin across a lot of people. I wish I could be …