Woman with Dark Hair

New Painting: Woman with Dark Hair

This painting is definitely one of my personal favorites, and maybe the one I’m most proud to have done so far. Unfortunately my photography skills don’t do it much justice. This one you must see in real life to fully appreciate. It is large—nearly 5 feet in height, and those old barn boards are a solid two inches thick—making the …

Ani DiFranco Poster

Ani Difranco Poster

This Ani DiFranco poster is actually the very conception of what would eventually become FUTURALBUM. During my final weeks at my last job, I discovered Flickr Internet Archive Book Images, and since Ani’s show was our next upcoming event, threw together this quick design just for fun. It was one of those instances where you see some sort of image …

Troy DeShano Ghosts and Figures Art Show

New Exhibit: Ghosts & Figures

I was very proud to show some of my most recent figure art paintings at The Box in my hometown of Traverse City, MIchigan.