10 Best Albums of 2010

Does this really need an introductory paragraph?

Honestly, I discovered a ton of great new music this year… it was pretty tough to whittle it down to 10 albums. For example, even though I’ve been totally obsessed with Kanye’s new album since its release (along with everyone else), I didn’t include it in the top 10… mistake?

Leave a comment if you think I missed the mark on my Top 10… and how you’d have replaced my choice. I’d love to hear what your favorites from the past year might have been.

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  1. david

    As always, thanks for your musical guidance. Good picks. I was again amazed today listen to Adz how multi-layered, yet stark, evasive, yet blunt, it can be.
    I listen to it and I am grateful. When I am grateful, I am glad.
    I am glad.

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