Osama bin Laden

Osama bin Laden

Illustration by Troy DeShano

“Osama’s parents divorced soon after he was born; Osama’s mother then married Mohammed al-Attas. The couple had four children, and Osama lived in the new household with three half-brothers and one half-sister.”

“Mohammed bin Laden (his father) was killed in an airplane crash when his American pilot misjudged a landing.”

“Osama believed that only the restoration of what he believed to be true religion would ‘set things right,’ and that alternatives such as —’..socialism and communism..’—must be opposed.”

“He also called on Americans to ‘reject the immoral acts of fornication (and) homosexuality, intoxicants, gambling, and usury,'”


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  1. Tiffany

    Really great illustration. My first thought when I heard the news was sorrow for his family and friends, sorrow for his fate, sorrow for the circumstances that must have led him to this point. I really believe that he knew no other way. He was born into this life, experienced hardship and loss… and then our government trained him from there. Our desire for vengeance is no different or more honorable than his. We have killed now countless civilians on his soil (and I’m sure more in the same bomb that took his life). Yet, our actions are heroic and his are horrific. All killing is despicable and all death is mournful.

    Thank you for posting this.

  2. T.C.

    Really, really like this one, Troy. For sure so sad that life can mold a person into what he became. Wonder what a little more love might have done for he and his band of followers?

  3. Bill Franklin

    it seems like your trying to say that i have something in common with that demonic monster. if it weren’t for our brave troops you’d all be dead now and our great nation would be overrun by turban-wearing heathens!

    the fact that you would put this man’s image on your site makes me sick. i hope you end up blacklisted for that.

  4. Ashley

    Bill, we all have something in common with bin Laden being creatures created in the image of God. Please acknowledge the decided difference between promoting justice and rejoicing in death. Unless he called on the name of Christ in faith believing Jesus to be the only way to God, then bin Laden will only know his Creator as his Judge. He will never know the immense love intended for him by the One who made him. We would all do well to move our focus from the heinous acts bin Laden committed to the fact that our own sin and wickedness is just as damning and reprehensible in the eyes of God. An image bearer of the the Great God just entered a Godless eternity. Don’t let it be your fate, and certainly don’t rejoice that it was the fate of another.

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