Freakiest Puritan Ever

I just started watching God in America, a PBS Frontline documentary mini-series that’s been airing all week.

That guy who played Ben Linus on Lost is Puritan leader John Winthrop.

Freakiest Puritan ever!

This shot is actually from a really interesting scene about the trial of the colony’s rabble-rousing woman Anne Hutchinson, who was eventually banished for openly sharing her personal theology.

I’m looking forward to watching the rest of the series online.

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  1. jeff

    This series’ treatment of the puritans was extremely disappointing…Anne Hutchinson in reality was unorthodox and shouldn’t be grouped in with any serious treatment of puritan theology…she claimed to hear direct revelation from God. Jonathan Edwards was practically a footnote.
    It was really just propogating the same old cliche of the Puritans: “intolerance and disapproval”.

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