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Home School vs Public School


I read an entertaining article today about choosing the best schooling option for your family and respecting the choices of others.

I’m not sure why this issue is so hotly debated among parents…

Quite honestly, I don’t really care how you school your kids and I’m not exactly sure why anyone else would care what option I choose for mine.

I do think he comes across a little hard on homeschooling in the article, but I don’t think that is his intention…

What he’s really getting at is how often parents of a certain persuasion will look down on anyone who makes a different choice. For him, it was homeschooling parents practically treating him like a child-abuser because he sends them to public school, never considering that he did so for some very intentional reasons…

I love my homeschooling friends. They are wonderful and fabulous and great and all those other positive adjectives, and I’ve never experienced this kind of pressure from any of them.

But I do know what this guy is talking about… and I have seen it.

I grew up in Christian school and I remember even as a kid looking ever-so-slightly down my nose at the kids who wallowed in the paganism of Siebert Elementary… I didn’t realize I was doing so, but I was…

and I don’t want my kids to ever think they are better than anyone else… luckier than some, maybe… but not better.

and every day I encourage them to be hope and light and love to the kids who have none…


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