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Illustration Psychoanalysis, Please

Insane illustration

I was talking with my illustration agent the other day and she asked what I thought was a really weird question. Her client apparently was curious to know if I were capable of illustrating more than one character in a scene. She asked if I had some other work that maybe she hadn’t seen yet.

I was a little flabbergasted by the question… of COURSE I can! What do you mean?

So I took a look back at the past 3 years of illustrating and was pretty disturbed by what I discovered.

Essentially every single illustration I’ve done featuring a “person” (human or otherwise) is only a single character in the scene. Observe:

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Old & New: Miracles

Old & New Project is an ongoing collaborative biblical art collection that I started with Jim LePage. This week I put together this little animated trailer for the new round of designs launching this Monday, September 24th!

The theme for the round is (obviously) Miracles, and the roster of contributing artists consists of some of our favorite graphic artists & illustrators. One of the coolest aspects of the project is that contributors come from across the faith spectrum—from evangelical to atheist.

Check out the 24 pieces from the first round and follow along on Facebook or Twitter so you won’t miss any of the new stories!

Sex Ed in the Church: Part 1

Over the past three decades I’ve come up with quite a few different product ideas that could have been pretty profitable if (a) I hadn’t been a kid when I dreamed it up or (b) I had the gumption required to patent a product or (c) I didn’t forget the idea immediately.

Electric long-johns, pedal-powered PC, and a slurry of action-sport related gear.

In college we did what is now ultra-trendy paddleboarding only with the much better name “surfboat,” and I swear I came up with the idea for those really short skis that became super popular around the turn of the century, but luckily have gone the way of the rollerblade since.

But my all-time highest-potential billion-dollar idea stands high above the rest: condoms with Bible verses stamped on them.

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Entertain Us

Here’s another piece created for Song in Art show at Seed Studio Gallery in Traverse City.

I had no idea how this one would turn out and honestly, once it was finished I kind of hated it. But then I thought, “well, that’s kind of the point, right?”

I had several people ask about it during the opening reception, to which I replied, “If you don’t get it, you’re too old (or young).”

Actually I responded in a much more PR fashion, but that’s what I was thinking anyway.

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New Exhibit: Song In Art

Seed Studio Gallery - Song in Art

Super excited to be a part of a new exhibit at Seed Studio Gallery in Traverse City this summer.

The new show is called Song in Art and is chock-full of artwork in various mediums all inspired by or created around the theme of music. Obviously this is right up my alley and I have about a dozen pieces included in the exhibit—framed limited edition art prints as well as original mixed media pieces (something new and super exciting)

Song in Art will be up through mid-july in Traverse City, so anyone visiting the area please make sure to check it out!

More shows are coming this summer. Please follow on Facebook, Twitter and sign up for my email list so you catch all the news.

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