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Different Shade of You T-shirt Design


My most recent submission is up for voting on Design by Humans—“Different Shade of You”

I feel good about the design… it is probably the most trendy thing I’ve done, but I still like it… and I think it’ll do well.

I’ve kind of had a vision of this for years… the design is inspired by a HUM song called “Suicide Machine.” Sometimes you just get designs in your head and you have to get them out somewhere… sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t… but it always seems to clear out a lot of space in my mind…

Take a minute, sign up at DBH and show a brother some love.

Leap of Faith


One of the most common illustrations used to teach kids about faith is the “chair.”

You believe that chair will hold you when you sit down… trust… faith… it’s easy…

Seems to me that faith is more like hurdling off a cliff into a pitch dark abyss… no idea what’s below… water? moon bounce? giant spikes?

Or maybe it’s more like being sucked into a black hole… no control… but you are there… no choice but to believe.

Japandroids Post-Nothing


Requirement: Listen to Japandroids on 11.

Once you’ve met the one requirement of their new record “Post-Nothing,” I can almost guarantee you’ll travel through time… where you’ll end up I can’t say for sure, but you’ll be young, full of energy, and your ears will be throbbing for at least an hour after the record is through.

Disillusionment is the obvious theme of Post-Nothing… a disillusionment with youth that creates an inescapable desire to get as far from town as we can.  “Rockers East Vancouver,” one of the more wordy of this albums lyrically minimalist songs is a good representation of what you’ll hear from the others (in not so many words):

We used to go out
Get drunk and get sad
Good friends
But this town
And this scene
Has gone bad

We kept waiting
But still nothing changes
It’s a shame

Old youth
Burnt right out

Pretty much anyone who spent youth in the nineties will relate to this record, both lyrically and musically.  Figuring out what to do when that realization hits you… “I’m grown up” and the fears and doubts and regrets that come along with it… all the while trying to discover hope in the things that are good.

The one glimmer of hope from these guys is on “Sovereignty,” which sings of letting go of the people-pleasing and jumping headfirst into the future with your love….

and that’s what I’m talking about.



Mascots freak me out man… Especially the cheap ones that you bump into at the county fair or the supermarket.

Funny thing is… I’ve always thought that I’d make a great mascot.  Like one of those NBA guys that you see launching off the mini-trampolines to the raucous cheers of thousands. I remember as a kid I saw that the Chicago Bulls were casting for their mascot “Benny.” Of course I loved the Bulls and thought this must be the absolute perfect job for me (besides “video-game-tester” of course).

I’m not sure what the attraction is… Maybe the very same thing that draws me to graphic arts. I could be standing next to someone admiring my work, with no idea that I was the artist behind it all… like my work is some kind of costume that I wear… my very own cartoony character that others identify with and understand and trust.

My first post is about Michael Jackson’s Socks?


I’ve been planning this blog for a while, and never would have imagined my first post would be about Michael Jackson.

Michael hasn’t played a huge role in my life, but in light of recent events, he’s been pacing moonwalking back and forth in my mind.

Of course he’s always kind of been there…. Part of my soundtrack I guess, even though I’d probably never think to include him.  He’s seemed to pop in and out of my life when I least expect it, and for some reason my memories of him are different than everyone else’s.

Sure, the historic Motown 25 moonwalk is etched in my mind just like everyone else, along with the entire Thriller video and less attractive visions of his trial, etc.

But I’ve always connected with different moments… things like my teenage obsession with the Jackson 5, his almost-totally-forgotten video for “Jam” (featuring Michael Jordan, Heavy D, and a brief but awesome cameo from Kriss Kross), or the Pepsi commercial with Carlton from Fresh Prince (if only Alfonso had gotten Michael to do the “Carlton” Dance)

One of my most vivid memories though… is his socks. Not the pair he happened to be wearing, but the replicas that I could be wearing…

I remember standing in the aisle in Sears looking up at them… like a beacon of shining light amidst a sea of Lee jeans.

But of course I was too embarrassed to admit to my parents my desire for such fancy footwear…. I’m not sure why, they probably would have considered it cute.

It makes me wonder… what parts of themselves might my own kids fear revealing to me?

They seem pretty honest and transparent… but perhaps there is more inside… perhaps they don’t know how anything they say or do or enjoy is fascinating and adorable to me…

Guess I’ll just keep my sensors on for any signals they might send… bracing myself for encouraging words post I-want-to-be-a-cheerleader revelation… or a request to turn on the country station (or pretty much any radio station)… or…