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Planet Earth Shark Attack

Our family has been making its way through Planet Earth this week.

This shark attach scene is probably my favorite from the entire series…

Can’t even describe it without using obnixious adjectives like “amazing,” “breathtaking,” “marvelous…”

Come to find out, the crew shot off the cape of South Africa for 28 days before catching this shot…

and with a special ultra-slow-motion camera, that can only shoot for 3 seconds at a time…

and the images captured are so enormous that it takes another 20 minutes before they could see that brief shot on their computers.

Discovery Channel is running the series again this week…

I insist that you watch…

(if you miss it, just check it out from the library like we did)

Death Almost Killed Me


Since I was first diagnosed with cancer in 2000, I’ve had several occasions when I wondered if I might die…

If I’d be alive the next day, week, month, or year…

But only one time did I actually think, “this is it.”

It was around February, a very depressing time of year in northern Michigan… gray, cold, wet…

I was home with my family recovering from a round of chemotherapy and the long trip back from the Cleveland Clinic.

I came down with a cold.

When you’re on chemo, a cold can kill you… and the way I felt (physically), I thought this one just might.

I even snapped at my wife, who was dying a bit herself, trying to take care of me.

The next Sunday, we somehow dragged ourselved out of the house to get to church…

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Kids Dance Mix


My daughter got a CD player (I call it a boombox) for her seventh birthday.

She only has one CD and she really likes it.

I don’t like it so much.

Today I threw together (maybe 5 minutes spent) a new mix CD that the whole family can enjoy:

  1. Pork & Beans – Weezer
  2. No One – Alicia Keys
  3. Can You Feel It – Apples in Stereo
  4. I Need You Back – Ben Kweller
  5. No Rain – Blind Melon
  6. French Navy – Camera Obscura
  7. 1,2,3,4 – Feist
  8. Get Better – Mates of State
  9. Noticed – Mute Math
  10. Apple Trees – Ozma
  11. Flip Flops – Paul Wright
  12. Hey Sandy – Polaris (that’s the iconic band from the intro to Pete and Pete)