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Lost someone today.

You could lose half a day if you happened to sit down in the room with Tom. He loved theology and loved sharing his discoveries even more… Nothing really made him happier than talking about new things he was learning (regardless of whether you cared to sit and listen).

As he leaves mortality behind, I can’t help but wonder at the discoveries in store for him.

My brother Thunderbeard has been blogging about (among other things) the weeks leading up to his dad’s death.

Finding a way to emotionally understand their edgy past and courageously seek some sort of resolve in their relationship has been inspirational reading for me and spiritually nourishing for him.

Feel free to share a story about Tom in the comments and be sure to check out Thunderbeard. He’s my brother and I love him and my heart’s aching for him today.

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  1. Erin

    Great pic of Mr. C, Troy. I remember his deep voice, bushy beard & that he was a voracious student of the Scriptures. I remember that he knew Greek or Hebrew (or both). I remember Mrs. C’s laugh & my heart is breaking for her.

    I didn’t get to know Tim real well in high school, but have enjoyed reading his blog, and your’s too. Facebook’s been great too for reconnecting after all these years. Oh wait…you defriended me…I’m not bitter or anything. LOL

    It’s great to see how we’ve matured in our faith & come to alot of the same conclusions despite our background. I will be praying for your family & Tim’s this weekend during this difficult time.

    1. Troy

      yeah… good memories.

      i don’t know if he knew greek or (like me) knew it at one time. 😛

      i look forward to hearing donna’s laugh again once she’s thoroughly grieved… it’s going to be tough…

  2. tim clark

    This is awesome. Dad did know Greek. Bible was his major, and I believe Greek was his minor. He always took his Greek New Testament to church.

    It has been tough…
    But there has been much laughter in the midst of it all.
    God’s crazy peace.

    Thanks for the memorial tattoo portrait of Dad.
    Thomas Dwight Clark – since 1950

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